Offer valid on all Gillette Fusion ProGlide, Fusion and SkinGuard handles

*By applying for the Gillette Money Back offer you agree that you have gone through the T’s & C’s and that you understand and agree to the T’s & C’s

Gillette Money Back Offer T’S & C’S offers period 01 August 2020 To June 2021

How to apply
*Please note that the below is for ease of understanding and it does not replace the full process as explained in the T’s & C’s.
Step 1


Buy any Gillette SkinGuard, Fusion or Fusion ProGlide razor handle
Step 2


Use for at least 8 weeks
If you do not experience a reduction in bumps (SkinGuard) or experience a close shave (Fusion and Fusion ProGlide) you can claim your moneyback. Your application needs to be received within 90 days of purchase.
Step 3


Let us know
if you are not satisfied

Click here to access the claim form. Email the claim form as well as your receipt of purchase with the product you are claiming for highlighted to

If you need help, please contact us (standard rates may apply)

Phone: 086 011 2188


Or directly contact us through the website

Please note that submitting inquiries through the above platforms are not considered as a claim. Please use the accurate process to claim for the Money Back Offer as explained in the T’s & C’s.