About Gillette

history of shaving

A Perspective on Precision

Our legacy of precision began with one man, King C. Gillette. His vision has inspired more than 100 years of innovation to bring you the best shave in the world. And we’re not done yet.

history of shaving


King C. Gillette has the revolutionary idea of disposable blades so thin and so strong they were deemed impossible to forge by MIT-trained scientists. By 1901, he’d proven them wrong with his breakthrough innovation.

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Gillette® produces the Trac II®, the first twin-blade shaving system.

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Gillette introduces the Atra/Contour system, the first twin-blade shaving cartridge with a pivoting head, which allows the blades to better follow the contours of the face for a closer shave.

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Gillette Atra Plus / Contour Plus—the first razor with a lubricating strip—is launched.

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Gillette launches Sensor®—the first razor with twin blades individually mounted on highly responsive springs that automatically adjust to the contours of every face.

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Gillette breaks the performance barrier with the MACH3®, the first three-blade technology, for an even smoother, closer shave.

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Gillette introduces M3Power—the world’s first wet shaving system to use battery technology—providing Micropulses that help improve razor glide for a more comfortable shave.

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Gillette Fusion® razors debut in Manual and Power versions. They feature five blades and beat the MACH3 on every attribute, providing Gillette’s closest and most comfortable shave ever.

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The Gillette FlexBall™ is the next evolution in our shaving revolution—a pivoting razor built to maximize contact with every contour of a man’s face.