Our commitment

For more than 115 years, Gillette has been making razors and personal care products built on trust. Our science-based approach is key to our journey of safely improving lives and bringing you the best shave in the world


The Foundation

We start with a healthy dose of skepticism concerning the safety of any ingredient. If we can’t establish both its safety and benefit to you, we won’t use it.


Safe Range

We define the safe range for every ingredient we use with the same scientific process used by the major regulatory agencies around the world (FDA, EPA, WHO, EU, etc.). If there is not enough information to establish a safe range, we will remove the ingredient from consideration or investigate it further. The tested safe range goes well beyond the actual amount that would be used in Gillette products.


Safe Product Use

While an individual ingredient might be safe on its own, we don’t stop there. We evaluate the safety of the formula as well to make sure that its safe for you and the environment, and to ensure it won’t cause irritation or unexpected outcomes. If we can’t conclude the entire product formula is safe, we will either reformulate or decide not to make and market the product. We have more than 700 scientists and professionals who ensure our products meet all safety and regulatory requirements around the world.


Monitor Use and New Information

Once a product is marketed, we monitor its use and investigate all new scientific information. We also collaborate with external scientists and regulatory agencies on new and updated safety methods.

Keeping you safe

We will never stop innovating to maintain the highest standards in our ingredients and products.
Delivering trusted products & ingredients
for a high-quality experience that you can rely on.

Tested By You

Every new Gillette product is responsibly tested by thousands of people before launching.

Quality Assurance

We inspect every Gillette razor blade over 75 times on average.


Our products are endorsed by dermatologists around the world, including leading scientific organizations like the Skin Health Alliance, the British Skin Foundation, Dermatology Review Panel (DRP) in Canada and the Deutsche Haut- und Allergiehilfe (DHA) in Germany and more.
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