A Simple Guide to Shaving Your Legs

A simple guide to shaving your legs

More and more, guys are taking their manscaping routines to the next level by removing their leg hair.

For many reasons, a growing number of guys are including legs in their body grooming routines. For some, it’s all about trimming leg hair for a neater look, while some guys only shave around their ankles. For some athletes, leg shaving can improve performance.

Why do athletes shave their legs?

Removing leg hair can streamline your body, boost speed and limit abrasion. It can also make post-workout massages smoother and make cleaning and treating wounds easier.

How to shave your legs

You might find shaving your legs even easier than shaving your face. Here are five easy steps.

STEP 1: Soften your leg hair

Get your skin ready by taking a warm shower or bath. Heat will soften your leg hair, making it easier for your blade to do its job.

Remove any dead skin, dirt, and oil from your pores by exfoliating: aka, scrubbing your skin to get rid of any unwanted gunk. This will help you get a smoother overall result.

STEP 2: Trim longer hairs

Don’t go straight in with a razor blade to shave your legs. Trim the longer hairs down first to stop them from getting tangled in your razor. Something like the Gillette All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer is perfect for this part of the job. It’s 100% waterproof, so you can use it while you’re in the shower.

Dr Kristina Vanoosthuyze, Senior Manager of Scientific Communications at Gillette, recommends our Body Disposable Razors as a great alternative. Bonus - these razors can be recycled through our partnership with TerraCycle.

If you only wanted to tidy up your leg hair, scroll down to step 5.

Trim Longer Hair Down With Gillette All Purpose Styler And Trimmer

STEP 3: Work up a lather

Use shave gel or foam to get a good lather going. Here are some good shaving product options to check out.

Our top pick is the Fusion Men’s ProGlide Sensitive 2 in 1 Active Sport Shaving Gel. You get shaving and skincare together for a comfortable overall shave.

STEP 4: Nail your technique

Make sure you’ve got the best blades for the job. If you’ve got the Gillette AllPurpose Styler, you’re ahead of the game. The Styler comes with Fusion5 ProGlide Razor Blades, so choose a fresh, sharp one and start shaving.

Guide the razor upwards and shave in long, steady strokes. Press lightly against your skin to avoid razor burn, bumps, and nicks. Rinse the razor after each stroke, just like you would when shaving your face.

Pro tip: Get fresh razor blades delivered straight to your door when you sign up for Gillette's Shave Club.

STEP 5: Rinse and recover

Whether you want totally smooth legs or you’re just going for a slight trim, you should always end your grooming session by rinsing your skin with warm water.

Pat your skin dry with a towel, and grab an aftershave product like our Gillette Aftershave Balm. This stuff will soothe your skin with a little extra hydration.

If you’re happy with the results, you can also use the Gillette Styler to trim and shave your armpit, back, head, and even pubic hair.

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