A Man Shaping Up His Beard Neckline

How to trim and shape beard neckline

Your beard lineup is an important part of your look. Especially if it’s patchy, graying, or stubbly. To look your best, there should be a solid line between your beard and your neck, which means regular trimming and shaving is key.

Check out some tips for taking care of your beard neckline.

Find your neckline

Look in the mirror and trace your fingers from your Adam’s apple to your ears. That’s your neckline. Keep it clean-shaven to stay looking sharp.

Choosing the right grooming products

Just like your face, your neck can also get razor bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hairs, but using quality products can help.

For precise and even trimming, try the King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer.
Pro tip: Set the trimmer length two levels shorter than what you usually use.
King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer For Precise Shave
Then, put our King C. Gillette Transparent Shave Gel to work. This shave gel helps hydrate your facial hair and keeps your skin smooth so your razor can do its job. For this next part, use the King C. Gillette Neck Razor for a close shave.

By the way—did you know it’s easier to trim softer hair? Taking a shower before you trim can help. Just remember to splash some cool water on your face before you start trimming. This helps hydrate your skin while lowering the chance of ingrown hairs on your neck. Win-win.

How to trim your beard neckline

Here are our best tips to follow when trimming your beard neckline:

Step 1

Make sure you’re not trimming too high or too low. This could sabotage the whole look.

Step 2

Start in the center of your neck at your Adam’s apple. Trim every hair below the line you’ve identified as your beard neckline.

Step 3

Trim from the center. Take your razor up towards one ear, being mindful of your jawline as you go.

Step 4

Go back to the middle of your neck and trim in the other direction until you’ve removed all the hair growing beneath your beard lineup.

Be patient and give yourself some time to gain some experience. If you accidentally trim into your beard, you can usually wait a day or two for it to grow back. But if your beard growth takes a while, it might be good to think about a new facial hair style.

How to shape your beard neckline

When shaping your beard lineup under the ears, you can pick a square or rounded finish. Check out your face; if you’ve got more of a square jawline, softer edges will probably look better. If you’ve got a rounder face, go for square beard edges. The King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer can help you get the right shape.

Caring for your new beard neckline

Finish off your session with our King C. Gillette Beard Balm. Then, take care of the rest of your beard with the King C. Gillette Beard Oil.

To keep that beard lineup looking good, it’s all about regular trimming. If you notice this area starting to look shaggy, it’s time to shave again. With practice, you’ll be able to shape your beard neckline in just a few minutes.

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