Shaving Tricky Areas of the Face: Gillette Fusion5 Precision Trimmer

Shaving tricky areas of the face: gillette fusion5 precision trimmer

The challenge of precision shaving

After lathering, shaving, rinsing and drying, when you check out your skin, the following scenario is all too common:
After shaving, the hairs in the most difficult places are still poking through your skin.

But the hairs in difficult-to-reach places, such as under your nose and close to your lips, are still poking through your skin.
The lines along the edges of your sideburns, moustache or beard are not as defined or even as they could and should be.

Multi-blade razors are great on the larger surfaces, but can lack accuracy in tight spaces.

While multi-blade razors can provide you with a close and comfortable shave across the larger surfaces of the face, they sometimes lack the accuracy needed for tight spaces.

Fortunately, all Gillette Fusion5 family razors have a Precision Trimmer blade on the back of the cartridge for accurate edging.

Using Gillette precision trimmers

If you’re using a Gillette Fusion5 cartridge, your razor already comes with a trimmer.

Did you know that you may already own a razor with a trimmer? It may be easy to miss, but every Gillette Fusion5 cartridge, including ProGlide comes with a built-in single blade positioned on the back of the cartridge.

Use the Precision Trimmer on the back of your razor after shaving the larger surfaces.

Shave the large surfaces of your face first. Then, rotate your razor to use the Precision Trimmer blade on the back.
Edge in the areas around your nostrils, lips, and anywhere else that calls for a precise line – sideburns, beards and specialised facial hair styles.

Moving from razor to trimmer is as simple as an effortless roll of the fingers to reposition the handle.

Precision shaving just got simpler.

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