18 Beard Styles for Every Face Shape

18 Beard Styles for Every Face Shape

Looking to try a new beard style? Start with the tools that can help you get a great new look.

These are the top 18 beard styles and tips on picking the right one for your face shape.

Choosing the Right Beard Style

Not every beard style looks great on every guy. This guide can help you get the right style for the shape of your face.

  • Square Styles
  • Round Styles
  • Oval Styles
  • Rectangular Styles

Types of Beards

Beards for Square Faces

Show off your square jawline with one of these styles. The key is to keep your beard short on the sides and fuller on your chin. Keep those lines sharp near your cheekbones.
Goatee Beard

Goatee Beard

A classic. Also known as a “Circle beard“, the goatee is a chin patch with a mustache. Use a trimmer to shape the beard, then follow up with light strokes to shave the rest of your face totally bare.

Goatee without mustache

Goatee without mustache

Skip the ‘stache for a style that helps your chin look longer. Use your trimmer to outline the shape of your beard, then shave the rest of your hair above the lip and across the rest of your face.

Petite Goatee

Petite Goatee

The petite goatee is exactly what it sounds like, a little goatee. This look can also help the chin look longer.

Royale Beard

Royale Beard

The Royale Beard is a mustache with a disconnected chin patch. Use a trimmer for the shape and then shave away the hair that connects the mustache to the beard.

Beards for Round Faces

The right beard can even make a round face look more slim. Let the hair stay full on the chin then go for an angled shave across your cheekbones.
Van dyke beard

Van Dyke Beard

You can thank a painter named Sir Anthony van Dyck who lived over 300 years ago for this look. The “Van Dyke” is basically a full goatee with a detached mustache.

Short boxed beard

Short Boxed Beard

For this style, your beard should wrap around your face. Use a beard trimmer to create a solid beard line under your jaw, and keep the sides on your face trimmed thin and neat. That’s the Short Boxed Beard.

Balbo beard style

Balbo Beard

Think Short Boxed Beard but without sideburns. A Balbo Beard has a floating moustache with facial hair more full on the chin. An angled shave along the cheekbones completes the look.

Anchor beard style

Anchor Beard

Combine a mustache with some facial hair along the jawline, and you’ve got an Anchor Beard. Define the shape of the beard before you shave the rest of your face clean.

Beards for Oval Faces

Lucky for you, most beard styles look great on oval-shaped faces. Here are a few unique looks you can try.
chevron moustache


The Chevron Mustache is v-shaped line that covers your entire top lip.

3-day stubble beard

3-Day Stubble Beard

Scruffy but classy, this beard looks like 3 days of stubble but trimmed and styled.

horseshoe moustache

Horseshoe Moustache

Not just for cowboys, the Horseshoe Moustache is a regular mustache but with long bars that reach down to your chin.

Original stache

Original Stache

This simple mustache sits above the top lip. Don’t trim off too much off while trying to make it symmetrical.

Beards for Rectangular Faces

You’ve got strong facial structure—own it. Keep your beard shorter on the bottom and longer on the sides to work this look.
Mutton chops beard style

Mutton Chops Beard

Long sideburns and a mustache make up the traditional Mutton Chops Beard. Before you shave, let your facial hair grow to about half an inch long so you get an even length.

Gunslinger beard and mustache

Gunslinger Beard and Mustache

This look is a cross between Mutton Chops and a Horseshoe Mustache. Make sure to keep the hair shorter on your neck and cheeks.

Chin strip beard style

Chin Strip

A Chin Strip is just a short dab of hair down the chin.

Chin strap style beard

Chin Strap Style Beard

The Chin Strap Beard circles the chin and helps your jawline look more defined. Start by trimming the neck, but don’t go too high. You want the beard to extend just below the chin line.

Soul Patch

Soul Patch

The classic Soul Patch is a small patch of hair under the center of your lower lip.

Hipster Beard

Hipster Beard

Why not try a bold, alternative look? The right grooming products make all the difference with a hipster beard.

No matter what style you choose, make sure to keep your beard trimmed and clean to get rid of problems like beard dandruff. Check out more mustache styles for men.

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