Mustache Styles for men

7 Mustache Styles to Try

To pull off a mustache, you need the right style for your face and some grooming tips to keep it neat. With a mustache you can go with something understated like the Pencil Stache, or a bolder look like “the Walrus”.

No matter which Stache you run with, we’ve got everything you need to know about the top mustache styles, as well as tips on finding what works for you.

How to Grow a Mustache

Let’s start with the basics. A great mustache starts with a clean shave. That way, all your facial hair will be the same length when it starts growing longer.

The next two tips: patience and regular trimming. For a couple weeks, you might be rocking some questionable facial hair until it gets longer and easier to work with. In the meantime, make sure you’ve got some solid trimming tools, like a pair of scissors and the Gillette All Purpose Styler and Beard Trimmer. It’s designed to trim and edge facial hair evenly, keeping your mustache neat while it grows in. Plus, if you ever feel like shaving it all off and starting over, it’s also great for a close shave. The scissors will help with any stray hairs and simple trimming too.

The Top Mustache Styles

Now that you know your stuff, check out some of the more popular styles of mustaches today.

The Chevron Moustache – Keep Your Upper Lip Warm

Chevron Moustache

A Chevron Moustache covers your whole top lip, with ends that point downwards. To get that pointed shape and keep your edges trimmed on the reg, the Gillette Styler will be a huge help.

Pencil Mustache – Thin, Yet Sophisticated

Pencil Mustache

The Pencil Mustache is a super-thin strip of hair that outlines your upper lip. To keep this style nice and neat, you’ll need a shorter comb length. A quick trim every other day will keep it neat.

The Handlebar


Got confidence and a whole lot of patience? The Handlebar Mustache might be for you. It’ll take time—as well as a few scruffy days—to grow the ends of your Stache longer than the center.

To get those unique curled ends, use some styling wax to twist the ends upwards or into a spiral shape if they’re long enough. Go light with the product, adding a little at a time so you don’t look greasy.

The Horseshoe Moustache – A Rugged Style for a Bold Look

Horseshoe Moustache

With the Horseshoe Mustache, you’ll need to style the hair below your upper lip. At the point where your mustache ends, keep growing your facial hair into two long bars to make a horseshoe shape.

If you smile a lot, this is a fun style to go for. But if your mouth naturally turns down, the horseshoe mustache might just look a little droopy.

The Walrus


Talk about making a statement. The Walrus mustache is one style not everyone can pull off but having a long face shape helps. To grow a Walrus Mustache, follow the same process that you would for a Handlebar Stache. The only difference is here will style the ends downwards rather than upwards, keeping them straight, not curled.

Gillette Razor
With any of these styles, remember you don’t want a chin full of razor bumps distracting from your new mustache. Try shaving with the grain (in the same direction that your hair grows in), and use our SkinGuard Sensitive Razor that’s designed especially for sensitive skin. Always follow up with a post-shave routine as well to keep your skin looking (and feeling) its best.

Want to experiment even more with your facial hair? Check out our guide on top beard styles.

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