Beard Style for Men with Oval Face

6 Best Beards for Oval Faces

With an oval-shaped face and the right shaving tools, there are a ton of styles you can try. In fact, most beards look great on this type of face, so why not try a new look?

Here are six of our top beard and mustache styles for oval faces.

Beard Styles for Oval-Shaped Faces


Chevron Beard Style

The Chevron Mustache is a V-shaped line that covers your entire top lip. Facial hair doesn’t have to be just about a beard. Mustaches also count as facial hair, and this classic chevron look is a great option.

Horseshoe Moustache

Horseshoe Moustache

Not just for cowboys, the Horseshoe Moustache is a regular mustache but with long bars that reach down to your chin.

Original Stache

Original Stache

This simple mustache sits above the top lip. Don’t trim too much off while trying to make it symmetrical.

Soul Patch

Soul Patch

The classic Soul Patch is a small patch of hair under the center of your lower lip.

Full Beard

If you can grow a full beard, go for it. Just make sure to keep it tidy with the right beard grooming tips and products.

Corporate Beard

AKA “the business beard”, this professional style is workplace approved. Grow a short beard (about half an inch to an inch in length) and keep it neatly trimmed with a defined shape.

Looking for more styles? Check out more facial hair styles, or if you’ve already found a favorite, tweet us @Gillette to show it off.

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